Book Corner checklist

Easily forgotten as term gets busy with assessment, parents meetings, trips and assemblies..the list goes on, but great book corners are an absolute classroom essential, upper Key Stage Two included.

  • Think about range of books/ reading material in your class book corner: fiction, non-fiction, stories from around the world, dual language texts, comics, poetry, wordless picture books, graphic novels, magazines,banded or levelled books that children can read independently, audiobooks etc
  • Storage: labelled baskets, shelves, story sacks etc -something inviting and accessible – can the children browse and flick through or are the books so tightly packed in to the box or shelf its hard for them to actually get one out? Ikea is great for cheap storage but it often ends up that everyone’s book corners look the same. H and M, and Dunelm Mill also do great cheap alternatives for something different.
  • Interactive/ reader response activities: story sacks, props and puppets, book review charts on clipboards, reader recommendation post-it notes  and bulletin boards etc
  • Inviting display that might feature ‘author of the month’, display related to current text, reading habits, recommendations, word wall etc
  • A themed and exciting or cosy book corner – den/ tent/ superheroes etc. It doesn’t even have to be a corner depending on the size and shape of your classroom, find the best area for the space you have.


Some tips for keeping your book corner looking good and working well all year:

-Train the children at the start of the year to tidy up after they’ve been in the book corner and how to access the books and resources in there. Actually model how to use it and the activities by doing a mini-tour / guide of the book corner. Appoint book corner monitors!

-Try and allocate some time for yourself or your TA to refresh the book corner every half term or so. As part of that, you could organise a rotation of books across your year group or key stage so every term or so each class gets a brand new book stock to enjoy.

-If you’re a Literacy c0-ordinator, be kind and allocate some time in one of your staff meetings or INSET’s for staff to work on book corners each term- if something is important (and reading for pleasure most definitely is) you need to give people the time to be able to do it well.

Have a look on my pinterest board for lots of book corner ideas.





Book Corner checklist

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